Something about us


European Branch since 2014

-3E has a long history on the field on NDT Destructive Testing. Started with the manifcature of accessories for all NDT applications, developed rapidly and expanded into the market as global supplier for NDT products and equipment.

-3E NDT in Europe opened in 2014, is the last location opened by 3E to serve better all European, East European, Middle East and African countries.

-Stock of accessories, equipment for demos, film digitizing, service together with the possibility to repair your NDT equipment is part of the offer.


  • 2024: Expansion of the company with new people on board and new areas covered
  • 2023: New sizes on resolution edit on all Digital Panel offer.
  • 2022: A new line with the first Bendable Panel integrated with our XVu Software platform.
  • 2020: Also the year of first complete Digital Cabinet installed in Europe
  • 2020: CUI introduced together with a new system for Corrosion Under Insulation
  • 2019: New Flat Panel Starting from 75 micron have been integrated on XVu popular DICONDE compliant software
  • 2018: This was a key year for all our products, new Xpress Scan have been installed and went in operation in different parts of the world, integration of new products has continued.
  • 2017: Double Wall system on Xpress Scan has been fully integrated and is now in operation and available.
  • 2017: New products have been integrated in Xvu Software with new CR systems and new models of DR Flat Panel
  • 2015: Smart 6 and Smart 10 Piepline Crawler have been added to our products line.